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December 15th, 2009

Forthcoming Events and Exhibitions

Thursday School of Art – Tutor Kate Downie RSA



The TSA drawing expedition to Muse, a famous Leith Hair Salon

Summer Classes at the Thursday School of Art are coming to a close, with the final ink& wax drawing and collograph printing session to finish on June 17th. This year the theme was ‘Being Human’ .

In May we had a fantastic trip to Dancebase in Edinburgh to draw the Curious Seed Dancer-in-Residence Christine Devaney whilst she ran a masterclass of professional young dancers.The results can be seen if you click HERE

2010/2011 TSA workshops  will feature a series of 2-3 day monoprinting masterclasses , exact dates to be arranged.

Contact Kate Downie for further information, cost and bookings

December 15th, 2009


Welcome to the new katedownie.com website.

Two years of meetings, ideas, writing and researching to reach this stage; I am, at last, delighted to welcome you to join this world of paint, ink, paper and canvas made virtual. I hope you enjoy it.
Feedback most welcome.

Kind Request

Over the past 29 years of my working life my art has been exhibited and sold to individuals and collections the world over. Whilst researching the provenance of the pictures in this site, I realised there were huge gaps in the records of ownership. If anyone out there owns my work, it would be incredibly useful if those of you who do own works could email me with information about which actual work(s) they own: title, medium, size, from which exhibition/venue, edition number, if any. Emailing me an image of the work ‘in situ’ would be very useful. All this would be added to my updated information base. It would also enable me to update my mailing list and enable you to be informed of and to receive invitations to future art events.
Thank you !

Kate Downie December 2009