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September 1st, 2010

Study visit to China

This month I am thrilled to be visiting the cities of Beijing and Shanghai  with the purpose of studying examples of contemporary and traditional Ink Painting with assistance from the William Gilles Bequest Fund through the Royal Scottish Academy.

The practice of the medium of ink, in painting and drawing is very different between East and West visual cultures, but has influence in both directions for centuries. My own interest in the practice of ink work has developed to the point where direct contact with and influence by both traditional and contemporary practices within the visual cultures of P R China could be a desired development to my own work.

I plan to visit to visit various art institutes in Beijing and make contact with the new generation of contemporary galleries and art communities in Beijing which have blossomed over the past ten years. I look forward to meeting with Chinese artists of my own generation and to visit their studios. I will complete my current trip this month with four days in Shanghai to look at the new architecture, an impossibly brief visit to EXPO 2010, and yet more art & artists!

This scholarly initiative will hopefully be the basis for setting up a more prolonged period of research and practice in an institute of Chinese ink painting in Beijing followed by an artist’s residency post and a chance to travel within the country.

Wish me luck!   Here are some recent examples of my work exploring the medium of ink

Anticipated Outcomes

  • The development of my own practice as an artist through dialogue and exposure to complimentary art practices from Chinese Visual Arts Culture
  • The critical first stage towards a major publication and an exhibition/installation in the Royal Scottish Academy and a Beijing Contemporary Art Space in 2013/14 possibly featuring my work and that of a Chinese artist, demonstrating a scholarly and creative dialogue between artists from both cultures