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November 14th, 2016

Autumn to Winter News 2016-7


Academicians IV

Fall Light, All Trains Lead to Glasgow. Screen print 2016


Academicians IV at Glasgow Print Studio at Trongate 103, Glasgow opens on Friday 18th November. The show features four new prints  are a part of my new series ‘Train Eyes and the Scotrail Philosopher’ co-published with Glasgow Print Studio last month, and example of which can be seen here.

The four artists represented in this show are Christopher Le Brun RAAnnie Cattrell RSA and Stephen Chambers RA and myself. The exhibition will run over the holiday season until January 22nd 2017.



Span – A Tale of Three Bridges


From my Favourite Car Park. pastel 2016

SPAN – A Tale of Three Bridges comes to Kirkcaldy Galleries in Fife. This   exhibition celebrates the three great bridges across the Forth estuary. The Forth Rail Bridge and Road Bridge were engineering marvels of their age, and with the Queensferry Crossing nearing completion it is the perfect time to explore their stories in a two part exhibition at the Galleries.

The first part of the show features a range of amazing historic images of the bridges. Learn about the brave and ingenious Victorian briggers who built the Rail Bridge, and the ‘spider-men’ who scaled the dizzying heights of the Road Bridge.

These  bridges have also inspired me as an artist, & the 2nd part of the display features over 20 works dating from 1999 right up to the present day, and feature a range of original drawings and prints, including works recently completed of the Queensferry Crossing. SPAN is the major winter exhibition at Kirkcaldy Galleries, and runs until the      26th February 2017.